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A Naturopathic Doctor Reveals the Truth About Herbs and Supplements

Popular herbs and supplements used in holistic, herbal medicine

Garlic, bilberry powder, flaxseed oil, yucca, fish oil, ginkgo biloba, glucosamine, echinacea, lutein and wild yam seeds. There are also two of today’s most well-known remedies and vitamins used to control elevated blood pressure, diabetes , high cholesterol, cardiac failure, knee pain, and menopause. Many vitamins and herbs often promote optimum vision, cognitive activity and cardiac protection, as well as disease prevention. Checkout naturopathic medicine for more info. Supplements and natural remedies have become widely common in over-the-counter and prescription medicines as complementary health alternatives. Here are some common applications:

Echinacea is believed to strengthen the immune system.

Glucosamine, the hand of the demon and yucca aid with the diagnosis of inflammation.

Bilberry and Lutein boost vision.

Garlic helps in controlling elevated cholesterol.

Flaxseed and fish oils improve head, joint and skin protection.

Although vitamins and herbal medication can give tremendous benefit to patients of all ages, they are not a replacement for good diet and day-to-day exercise. Supplements can be a comprehensive approach to health treatment used to promote a safe lifestyle. Moreover, mainstream Western medical practitioners, naturopathic practitioners and holistic health experts believe that natural medicines and herbal medication are safe when correctly used in the supervision of a medical or naturopathic practitioner.

A Note from an Professional Naturopathic Nurse

Naturopathic physicians realize that vitamins and herbal remedies can be extremely powerful but also highly harmful if used inappropriately. Any individual who takes a medicine, vitamin or mineral daily will notify their doctor. Herbal herbal products and nutrients can theoretically interfere with medications and cause adverse reactions. Ginkgo biloba is a principal representation of this. Ginkgo is used to boost the brain, which may presently cause adverse effects to blood thinning treatment for patients.

Herbal naturopathic treatments must be carefully tested and accepted by a health care practitioner who is trained and informed about the associations between herbs and medications. Moreover, it is important to investigate the qualifications of health care providers if patients choose a mainstream medical, holistic, or naturopathic doctor. Health and quality assurance must be closely regarded, since the supplement industry is not controlled by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The Value of Diet and Safe Lifestyle Decisions Promoting Comprehensive Cure

Supplements and herbal medication are not meant as supplements for safe living. Multi-vitamins, nutrients and medicines are better used for developing and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. This is an significant distinction to create, especially in America ‘s culture of popping pills. Drinking lots of water, daily workout, healthy food, eliminating artificial foods and consuming plenty of vegetables are the first moves for safety and wellbeing for the entire body.