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Anniversary Gifts for Him: Cool First Anniversary Gifts for Your Guy

Are you all excited about your boyfriend? Can you not stop worrying and wondering what to give him for his first birthday? Here are some really cool ideas for him about the anniversary gifts.If your guy has facial hair, purchase him a shaving kit consisting of an electric razor, a nail cutter, scissors for moustaches, etc. This handy kit and has a nice pocket to hold all those accessories for shaving. This is particularly useful when he’s traveling a lot.

You should get him his favorite aftershave lotion and deodorant brand too and he’ll love you for it.Buy him a T-shirt, and paint on it ‘I love you.’ Give it a sexy cover and send it to him. He’ll be surprised by your thinking. When you meet him you can also give it to him but the thrill will be a little less.For better tips visit-Gift for him

Present a night lamp attached to a photo frame, and place your photo in it. It is going to be the last thing that he sees before going to sleep.

Give him a leather wallet with it. Make sure the wallet has plenty of room to accommodate your credit cards and cards that visit. Buy him one black, or one brown. Make sure you pick a slim type when you buy one, otherwise it’s going to bulge and look ugly.Buy him his favorite CDs so that every day he listens to his music, and whenever he drives with you. Also have a CD pocket so the CDs won’t get lost.

Buy him a silver bracelet and inscribe the name on it. Would he be shocked by the idea. Show off the skills such as embroidering his name on a collection of white handkerchiefs that he can use for office purposes.

He could build up his muscles, and go to the gym. You can then save him time and get him a set of dumb bells and other equipment for weight lifting. Go to the sports shop and get an insight into what to buy. Definitely, they will direct you.

You can buy him a musical instrument or instrumental accessories if the music is his thing.

Present him with a long-lasting and spacious travel bag which he can pack quickly and be off for the weekend. Choose your favorite colour. You can buy him a beanbag, too.

Get to know where he is shopping, and buy a gift coupon for him. Accompany him if he believes. Get him a pair of pants for the track, so he can jog. You can even get him a leather jacket or a leather dining jacket where he can use it to dine and make it look good!

Being mainly familiar with his personality and likes and dislikes. It is only when you get to know him better that you can get him the gift he really wants.

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