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BPA Meets Transport and Housing Bureau on Lead-laced Drinking Water

Lead-Safe certified contractors are those that have been trained to adhere to specific work practices that help prevent lead contamination. In fact, laws now require contractors who work with renovation, repair or painting projects that affect lead-based paint in a home, child care facility or school that was built before 1978 to be Lead-Safe certified. If your contractor isn’t certified, find one who took the time to go through the certification process.Checkout original site for more info.

The certification is intended to train contractors to contain the work area, minimize dust and thoroughly clean up when they’re finished. It sounds simple, but some contractors are careless when it comes to lead, are simply untrained as to how to best avoid lead contamination and/or have not been properly educated on lead and its dangers.

Lead can have several adverse health effects on individuals and can be particularly dangerous to children and even unborn babies. Children don’t have to swallow paint chips or soil that contains lead, they can also get lead poisoning by breathing or swallowing lead dust. Educating oneself on the dangers of lead and how to prevent lead poisoning can be a worthwhile endeavor for parents. Children are often at greater risk of lead poisoning because they are constantly putting their hands and objects in their mouth, their bodies are growing and absorb more lead and their brains or nervous system can be more sensitive to the dangers of lead.

Possible adverse health effects of lead include brain or nervous system damage, behavior or learning problems, slowed growth, hearing problems or headaches. Lead may also be dangerous to adults and could cause nerve disorders, high blood pressure, reproductive problems, memory or concentration problems and muscle or joint pain.

If you’re considering painting your house, make sure that the contractor you hire took the time to become Lead-Safe certified. Even if your home was built after 1978, the mere fact that the contractor showed responsibility by becoming certified should be a welcomed sign. It shows initiative and a caring nature that often bodes well for their performance on the job-site and in the customer service aspect of the industry.