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Cabinet Painting – Improves Your Cabinets, Increase Their Value

Cabinet painting (or simply “cabinet wall painting”) is a rather common practice these days, and can cover anything from a single shelf to entire walls. A cabinet painting consists of three main components: the base coat, which is applied to the entire surface; the top coat, which is applied to the cabinet’s interior; and, finally, the texture, which is applied to the top and bottom surfaces. In addition to being available in a wide range of colors, textures and designs, cabinet wall paintings are also offered in a wide variety of sizes. As opposed to a painting which only allows for a certain degree of customization, you can make your cabinet wall paintings take on almost any form and size. This makes it easier than ever to find a painting that not only fits well with your current decor but also one which will match the way that you work and the way that your family works.Feel free to find more information at Mooresville Cabinet Painting.

There are many different factors that go into choosing a cabinet painting to match your needs. One such factor is the finish, which can vary from flat to glossy gloss. Another important factor is whether to choose a single-holed, double-holed, paint free or paint framed cabinet. A third factor for consideration is whether to use a drywall surface or a plywood backing, which can both have an impact on the finish you get and how well the painting will adhere to the surface.

The value of quality cabinetry can never be overstated. Quality cabinet painting not only adds a level of aesthetic beauty to your cabinets but also adds significant value to your home. Not only is refacing a more cost effective means of improving the appearance of your kitchen cabinets, it is also an ideal way to add life and vitality to a room which has become dull and lifeless. For many people, cabinet painting is the answer to a fresh start and a renewed sense of purpose in their kitchens.

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