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Carpet Cleaning Using Hot Water Extraction

The process recommended by most carpet manufacturers for cleaning carpets is called extraction of hot water. This carpet and upholstery cleaning process has been around for at least fifty years, and has been a favorite industry all the time. A steam cleaning has three crucial parts, one of them being the cleaning solution, the next being the hot water produced and the third being the vacuum used to extract the dirt and water. offers excellent info on this.

One of the factors which can make or break a carpet cleaning is the choice of which cleaning agent is applied. It is very important that it is strong enough to bring the dirt and oils out of the carpet and with the water in solution to extract them, however the cleaning agent can be too strong. Should a cleaning agent be too powerful it can permanently damage the carpet. That is one of the reasons why an experienced cleaner charges for higher. Hot water extraction cleaning takes its name from hot water, which is then pressurized and sprayed through the cleaning wand of the carpet. Crucial to the cleaning process is that the water is both heated above 200 degrees and pressurized to around 300-500 psi.

The strong vacuum that sits out in the van instantly vacuumes this water. When a carpet cleaner uses a powerful vacuum they can leave the carpets dry and soft clean. This is every carpet cleaner’s ultimate goal, they want carpets that dry fast and are impeccably clean. A professional carpet cleaner’s true test is that he knows how to manage all three aspects of a cleaning operation. When a cleaner really understands his work, using hot water extraction or steam cleaning he will get great results. The concerned carpet cleaners from California’s central coast have brought this letter to you. We believe everyone deserves clean tapestry. A good carpet cleaner makes it his job to leave dry and soft carpets clean.