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Computer Support And Services Chronicles

Computer service has changed. We’ve gone from hardware based issues to mostly software problems. Basically we went from “something broke” to “how do I do this”. And, the industry has changed too. Plug and play has removed most configuration issues and the cost of computers for the masses has come way down. How does this affect us all? Let’s start with the software. Get the facts about Computer Support And Services you can try this out.

Today’s programs have become huge and complicated. They are becoming so difficult that it is getting beyond the average user to figure out. Add to this that it is almost impossible to get good support from the vendors users turn to the next person they know, the local repair shop. We are getting everything from “I can’t sync my iPod” to “I can’t log in to my AOL email.”

Because we fix computers we are expected to know every piece of software out there.
This is not possible. We can figure it out but time cost money. And to make it worse the vendors know this, so the larger ones charge a per incident fee knowing you will go to someone less expensive and avoid the phone support run-a-round. It is their way of controlling support cost.

That is the next point, the cost of providing that service. To be able to stay up on everything requires constant training and upgrading and all that cost money. Include the rising cost of running vehicles, insurance (what if I fry your machine), the general costs of doing business and it all adds up. This is what separates the $20/hr technician from the $100 technician, training and experience.

That leads to the final point, the cost of the repair or service. Computers have become so inexpensive that once the machine is a year or two old, many times, the cost of the repair is more than the system is worth. Or in the case of software, a few hours of service can cost as much as the program itself. So what can I do as a service company? I can’t afford not to charge what I need to charge. That leaves few choices. I can absorb some costs thought I couldn’t do that for long. Or, we can cut back on the service we offer which is not good for you.