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How to Avoid Mosquitoes Naturally

Your dislike of mosquitoes as a mother is understandable. A mosquito, while obviously low in number, is the vector of some of the most harmful mosquito diseases such as malaria, dengue, chikunguniya etc. You are doing whatever you can to shield your children from mosquitoes. Early in your house you shut the doors and windows, use nets along the windows to prevent mosquitoes from entering your house. Once they walk out of the door, make sure your children use mosquito repellent. The market is filled with mosquito pads, repellents etc that support you battle the mosquitoes.

Do you stop and think about whether the mosquito repellents you use are safe while you are fighting mosquitoes and trying to protect your children? Would you be unknowingly exposing your children to dangerous or unsafe substances for their health?To get additional info, Type 2 Dengue Is On The Rise In Malaysia

It is a known fact that a mosquito coil releases formaldehyde equal to the formaldehyde released by 51 cigarettes. Piperonyl butoxide has been related to delay in mental growth, which is another substance widely used in mosquito coils. Mosquito coils and mats fumes can trigger asthma attacks, and can affect your immune system and nervous system.

Often harmful is the organic DEET that is used in certain mosquito repellents, lotions, and creams. This compound is consumed by the blood circulation and is becoming harmful to the body.

As a mom the well-being of your child is your goal. Why do you secure your children without making them subjected to dangerous chemicals? Through converting to natural mosquito repellents, you will prevent mosquitoes naturally, and shield your children from mosquitoes without risking their health.

Plants such as citronella, neem, marigold and garlic are renowned for their patented mosquito repellents. The smell of these plants puts away mosquitoes. These can be planted in your garden and the mosquito threat reduced.

Some plant-derived oils have properties that aid in the defense of mosquitoes. Using lavender oil, soya oil, citronella or also citrus eucalyptus oils to pick from. They are also popular for their patented mosquito repellents.