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Installation and Care Instructions for Bamboo Blinds

When your bamboo blinds arrive, you’ll need to know how to properly mount them. Then you’ll have to make some modifications to get them to work properly once they’re mounted.Learn more by visiting Southern Custom Shutters (Pittsburgh)-Vinyl Plantation Shutters

Getting Your New Blinds to Fit
– The bamboo shades are made of yarn. Since it is modular, you will need to make minor adjustments. To remove crooked blinds, pull back on the short side of the blinds.
– If your blinds aren’t totally flat when they’re lowered, tighten the shade. Then, in opposite directions, curl the ends of the rolls.
– If a string of yarn protrudes from the edge of the blinds, you can cut it off with scissors without compromising the blinds’ power.
How to Use Bamboo Blinds
A locking mechanism is built into every bamboo shade to hold it in the desired location.
– Pull the lift cord at an angle to raise and lower the blinds. The bamboo shades will unroll and release with a gentle pull.
– To lock the shade, pull the lift cord outward at a 45-degree angle.
– If your blinds are stuck, look under the valance for the lift cords.
Identifying and Resolving Blinds Issues
People often falsely believe that minor defects and colour variations are flaws. This isn’t the case at all. Each bamboo shade is one-of-a-kind, adding to the blinds’ appeal. The natural materials used to make the blinds, such as bamboo, rattan, jute, reeds, grasses, and woods, contribute to this.
– Issue – When pulling on strings, one hand moves while the other does not.
– Solution: Thread the loose draw cord through the shade’s pulley mechanism and the back of the blind’s rings. The cord should then be tied to the bottom loop.
– Issue – The bamboo blinds are a fraction of an inch shorter than the length you requested.
– Solution – Kindly tug on the bottom of the shade to extend the blinds a bit. This will restore it to its original length and form.
– Issue – When you hang the shades up, they are uneven.
– Solution – Using a ruler, tap the edges until they are even.
Bamboo Blinds: How to Clean Them
It’s easy to keep your bamboo shades clean. The only thing left to do is dust the blinds. You may use a soft cloth or a vacuum to do this. When vacuuming, a brush attachment is recommended.
If you follow these directions, your bamboo blinds will last for several years.