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Laser-Engraved 3D Crystals Are Changing the Entire Industry

One of the hottest trends emerging in the jewelry industry today is 3D laser-engraved 3D crystals. These are created by an epilator or laser, with the use of ultraviolet light to literally “draw” a pattern on the surface of the crystals. The lasers themselves have not been around all that long (and were only developed in the last decade), but have proven very useful in the art and science fields, from astronomy to computer design and manufacturing. This new technology is allowing for more precision and accuracy in cutting, etching, polishing, bonding, and even melting. The beauty of this process is that the user can preview the result, making it extremely easy to design a product with intricate detail – or simply save the file for a later time, if/when required. Why not check here pictures

Because of their accuracy and precision, it is not uncommon to see these products being used in high-end scientific laboratories, as well as for commercial applications such as jewelry design, photo-lab work, and photographic industrial design applications. This new technique can be applied to many other industries, including medicine, dentistry, engineering, aerospace, and architecture. It has not been without its controversy, however. There have been some concerns over the safety of working with lasers (including possible skin burns, skin diseases, permanent scarring, etc. ), but the overwhelming majority of feedback has been extremely positive, with little concern expressed about the potential negative impact on consumers who choose to use laser-engraved 3D crystals for their own personal purposes.

One of the best ways to get a feel for the technology is to take a look at some of the more professional laser-engraved 3D crystals that have been used in the past. While there may still be some skepticism amongst some professionals, the technology is clearly here to stay. If you are interested in seeing a live demonstration, make sure to visit one of the larger online retail stores or check out some of the smaller boutique websites to give you a first-hand look at this exciting new technology. As you explore the endless possibilities with this cutting-edge method of personalization, be prepared to be amazed!