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Process to know How to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets?

Decide if you are going to refine your kitchen cabinets

The first thing you need to do is decide what your cabinets are going to do for you. The cabinets can be painted or you can stain and varnish the cabinets. It all depends on what look you want your kitchen to have. After about every finish has been put on, you can paint. However, you’ll be limited to what stains your wood can fit with. In other words, if you have mahogany-like dark wood, you can’t put a light pine finish on it. It’s probably not going to work.Do you want to learn more? Visit Recommended Site

Gather all the necessary materials

Get all the supplies you need after you decide how you’re refinishing your kitchen cabinets. Get, of course, the paint or stain and finishing agent. You will also need, though: de-greaser, medium grade sandpaper, tack fabric, primer (if you are painting) and paintbrushes of good quality. This isn’t a work where you want rollers or sponges to be used. Now, you’re taking down the cabinets. Take them down if you are just refinishing the fronts. By unscrewing a few screws and taking off the hinges, this is easily achieved. The bulk of drawer pulls are also put on with screws. If you do it right and you have normal hardware, you do not even have to clean the cupboards or drawers.

Cleaning up the Cabinets

In a space or garage where you are going to do your refinishing, take the cabinets or cabinet fronts. Ensure that the space is one where the cabinets can dry without too much dust sticking to their surfaces. Cleaning the cabinets will be your next task. If they are like most kitchen cabinets, grease and grime cover them. Before you can start refinishing them, all of that must come off. Using and clean them hard with a decent de-greaser. In most cases, if you are refinishing a kitchen cabinet that has been painted or varnished previously, you can also remove that substance. You can use oil paint over latex, but it will peel if you use latex paint over oil.