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Review Of Smoking Reefer

To help you avoid smoking cannabis, there are different tips, tricks¬† and techniques. Any stuff you can do to make it much easier to leave, but we need to know what they were doing first. I’d like to send you some data in this article that will hopefully be an asset to you when you stop smoking cannabis. For more details¬†see this.

Have a plan

When you want to do it, decide what you’re going to do and don’t miss the details. Be as clear about what you want to do as possible. Most importantly, do it then. I’m sure you don’t know what I’m talking about now, so here’s an example plan.

  • Avoid smoking marijuana for two weeks.
  • Associations of transition
  • Self control exercise
  • Cut back on two weeks of smoking marijuana,
  • For the second week, try to get some weak hash or weak marijuana.
  • Keep cutting on the poor hash/weed
  • Starting a new activity or hobby
  • Keep busy and remain involved
  • Eat enough vegetables and fruits to help clear the system
  • Remain away from temptations. Like going around friends who smoke marijuana or weed or worry around them

Typically, when do you smoke weed? Do you smoke first thing in the morning or as easily as you get home from work? Do you want to smoke while playing games or walking your dog? It’s time to change whatever you’re normally doing when you smoke. About why? And it doesn’t take your brain long to equate going home and getting high so that ‘time for a joint’ is the first thing you think about when you walk in The same thing goes for waking up in the morning or some of the other associations you may have. You can wake up in the morning if you’re like me and the first thing you think is ‘pot.’ You see that’s a bad correlation, associating waking up with getting high. Obviously, I’m not pointing the finger here At one point, I was that bad. Yet I’ve managed to stop smoking marijuana, and so you can.

Self-discipline starts when you set your ‘stop smoking marijuana date’ on the first day and becomes better every day until you finally quit. Reading this takes discipline, it takes discipline to shift an association and it will take discipline to cut down. Building up until you quit smoking marijuana, but it doesn’t stop there because you don’t smoke every day is a day you strengthen the strength of your will.

Instead of getting high all the time, cutting down before you quit smoking cannabis would ensure you get used to feeling ‘natural.’ Don’t forget that you still have side effects from smoking for hours and even days after your last joint, although you might only feel buzzed for an hour after smoking. You’ll get used to feeling ‘natural’ by cutting back, which can be a bit of a shock if you are like I used to be. You will also boost your will power by smoking less and you will get a taste of the advantages even at this stage as you begin to think clearly and feel more energetic.

If you stop smoking marijuana, it’s crucial to keep your mind busy, or you may not be able to get it out of your mind. By relieving tension, keeping you occupied and getting rid of any cravings you have any sort of physical activity would help. It will allow you to sleep better at night as well. It will also take up time for some other activity or hobby you have and keep you busy while you leave. Anything to keep the idea that you want to smoke out of your mind.