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Sacramento Family & Implant Dentistry- An Intro

There are different kinds of dentists. Some of them are general dentists performing common dental procedures such as cleaning, filling, braces etc. On the other hand, certain procedures require lots of expertise and specialization. They cannot be performed by anyone. Implant dentistry is one such kind of branch. These are performed by implant dentist. These surgeons have lots of experience in their field. Many implant surgeons also have advanced degrees in their field hence they are a specialist. Checkout Sacramento Family & Implant Dentistry for more info.

Implants are artificial devices that are used to replace lost teeth. If the teeth sustain heavy injury or infection, they may be lost or may have to be dentally extracted. In such circumstances, the resulting gap can create problems for the patients. It may appear not good, and even they appear awkward so people become cautious and feel bad about it. It may also become difficult to eat properly and overall appearance of the face is also affected. Implants are good option to rectify these conditions. These not only imitate normal teeth in function but also in appearance. The crown built atop the dental implant looks very similar to normal teeth and it cannot be easily distinguished.

Dental implants are regularly made of the titanium. Titanium is used for the reason that it has properties unique in some respects. It does not rust when kept in contact with water or other biological fluids. This makes it ideal for replacing broken tooth. At the same time, it is also very durable and strong. We know that normally teeth are the part of our body which undergoes extreme stress and strain. Titanium is very strong and so can withstand these strains.

Titanium implants are stable because of the phenomenon is known as osseointegration. When titanium is implanted into the bony tissues, cell present in the bones interact with the cavity present on the surface of the metal and grow into it. They form a mesh-like a fibrous network over the implant. This actually makes implant to fuse with bones. This makes titanium a very good reason for dental implants. The phenomenon of the osseointegration was discovered in 1960’s and since then the use of titanium in implant dentistry has become a popular activity among the dentist.