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The Difference Between Burial and Cremation Service

Cremation Service typically occurs when a regular funeral is followed by cremation instead. But you may also arrange for a traditional direct cremation service with no funeral or memorial ceremony. Simply put, cremation nowadays is the method of disposing of dead human remains by burning them in high temperature ovens (1600-2020 degree Fahrenheit). As cremation consumes a lot of fuel, a family may not be able to afford to have it as a regular funeral procedure but they may opt for this alternative.Have a look at Cremation Service for more info on this.

There are several advantages of cremation over burial, the first being the cost. Aside from the cost being significantly less than burial, there is also no need to pay for embalming, the storage of the cremated remains, the casket, etc. It is true that there are other costs involved in cremation like dealing with the ashes after the cremation process but these are all minor and can easily be dealt with.

Just like any other funeral procedure, some crematories require a minimum amount of time for processing the cremated remains. Generally, all crematories require that the remains be received and closed (closed casket) by the family within three hours of death. If there is a problem or complication, the crematory manager will address it with you so you do not have to worry about it.