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What to Expect From Your Personal Injury Attorney

If you’ve been hurt by no fault of your own, you may have a claim for personal injury. If so, you should know what to expect from your attorney responsible for the accident. While the first thing to do after an accident is to get proper medical care, the second thing can be just as important: make sure you hire a good lawyer who will guide you through the somewhat murky process of a settlement of a personal injury claim. What exactly are you supposed to expect from your PI counsel? Why do you need even a lawyer in the first place?

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For any allegation of personal injury you may need a lawyer if you have sustained a relatively serious physical injury or other damages, such as property damage.

Generally speaking, you need to employ an accident compensation lawyer if you’re off work for more than a few days or if your medical expenses are more than a few thousand dollars. If you’ve hired the lawyer, he or she will continue the research on your case. Step one will be your claim review and investigation and medical record review.

Next, your lawyer will conduct an interview with you on how the accident occurred. This will likely contain some personal information, your current medical condition, and the required medical care. The injury attorney in the incident will need to learn more about the crash, the injuries that you have suffered and the treatment. Be absolutely frank with your client, and be up front. Your lawyer wouldn’t want any secret details to come in as a surprise.

Your lawyer will next review all the medical records and bills that relate to the accident involving personal injury. This can be a slow phase so don’t be discouraged if things seem to take a long time. You want to make your lawyer do a detailed analysis.

Most minor claims of personal injury are settled before a lawsuit is ever filed. If the likelihood of a settlement is strong, then the other party involved or the insurance firm on the other side will be questioned by your lawyer. If there isn’t an option, the lawyer will file a lawsuit for personal injury.

Things can appear to come to a standstill until the case is filed, but have patience, again. It may take one to two years or more to enter court in a personal injury case. Next comes the Discovery process, with each side

Investigating legal arguments and responses on other sides. They submit questions and requests for other documents, and start the deposit process. This aspect of the process can take between six months and one year or more. Next in the legal process is mediation and arbitration, which may lead to a settlement or not. If there is no settlement of injury claims your case is scheduled for trial.