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When One Spouse Handles the Money in a Divorce

To handle certain areas of a firm, each partner, like any other commercial collaboration, relies on the strengths of the other. One partner can be in charge of the books, while the other is in charge of marketing and sales. In a marriage, it’s the same. Typically, one spouse manages household expenses, pays bills, and manages the details of retirement and savings plans, while the other spouse manages duties such as coordinating family health care needs, managing the children’s after-school activities, booking family vacations, managing the upkeep of the home, yard work, coordinating family entertainment, and gifts for special occasions. The list goes on and on, and it becomes even longer when you have kids! You could try this out Alberta Divorce Finances

But what happens if you get divorced? In two separate houses, each spouse becomes the manager of all of the above. The fact that the spouse who did not handle the household money is now in charge of managing the funds and making a budget for the first time is often what generates concern during the divorce process! This can be a very difficult and frightening task.
For some, creating a budget is a straightforward chore, while for others, it appears to be Greek. If a spouse is used to spending without limits or has no idea how much money it takes to maintain a family, they are on the verge of financial ruin if they do not seek help. The money and time spent on the spouse who requires budgeting aid is well spent. It’s possible that this will be included in your divorce settlement. It not only assists the spouse who is managing the finances for the first time, but it also assists the other spouse who may be offering support, as well as the ultimate divorce settlement negotiations. Let’s face it: with the same income, how does a family go from one to two households?
Fear of the unknown often prevents people from making sensible, well-informed, and well-considered judgments. Seek the advice of a CDFA or a financial planner who specialises in helping people create and stick to budgets. Once the budgeting issue has been resolved, the work of future planning can begin.