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Defined about Herman Law Firm, P.A.

When determining negligence, there are various elements to examine, and you may assume there was no negligence on the part of anyone when, in fact, there was. I know of a situation when a group of people were critically hurt after being hit by a car while riding a motorcycle. He and the driver’s insurance provider came to an arrangement for the full amount of the driver’s insurance coverage, $100,000.00. Why not try this out Herman Law Firm, P.A

This deal didn’t even come close to covering his medical bills. A personal injury attorney learnt about the case while meeting with a member of the wounded party’s family and was approached to investigate it for the family. The guy who was hurt was paralysed and broken. After doing some investigation, the attorney came to the conclusion that, despite the man’s acceptance of the bargain, a lawsuit might still be filed. He then hired my detective agency, as well as another, to conduct additional research. Finally, he filed a lawsuit against the automobile driver, his insurance agent, and the motorcycle manufacturer, among other people.

I won’t go into great length about the case, but suffice it to say that he went to trial and won a multi-million-dollar victory against the majority of the companies involved, including the driver’s insurance company and the motorbike manufacturer, and the injured party is now financially secure. I should also point out that the lawyer took the case on a contingency basis and paid for all of the charges himself, including court costs and investigation fees.

The argument is that if you’ve been injured, you have the right to seek legal guidance from a knowledgeable personal injury attorney, even if you don’t believe anyone is to blame. Only an experienced personal injury lawyer with a thorough understanding of the law has the authority to make such a determination. A personal injury case is one in which you have been wounded or have caused another person to be injured in some way.