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Mobile phone screen replacement- A Summary

Cell phones are getting more advanced and expensive every year. In today’s society almost everybody has a phone, everybody uses their phone, and almost everybody now has a smart phone, in which their whole world resides. Email, Facebook, contacts, Twitter etc… Because of our huge reliance on our phones, more and more people are prone to break their phones each year, and for those of us that opted out of insurance, these breaks can be really expensive to fix and even more expensive to replace. But lets face it, looking through a cracked screen is really annoying, and not so great on your finger tips. Chances are you are going to get sick of it and your going to have to eventually replace it. So where do you go? If you have an iPhone, going to an apple store might be the obvious choice. They’re a trusted company, and extremely helpful, but surprisingly choosing an alternative repair shop may be cheaper, and faster! Want to learn more? navigate to this website.

The average price for a screen repair at an apple store is right around 200 bucks! That is almost half the cost of your phone. There are a few different options you have to avoid spending that much money. The first is do-it-yourself kits. There are a variety of do-it-yourself kits out their ranging anywhere from 12 dollars to 70. Do-it-yourself kits can be confusing and frustrating and is not for everyone. Making sure you order the correct kit for your version of phone is key, because not all phones have the same electronic connections and/or size. Before deciding which kit is best, do some research and keep in mind that just because one kit is more expensive than another doesn’t always mean its better, and vice versa. Make sure to read customer comments and reviews, and always double check and make sure its the kit that was made for your phone.

So if do-it-yourself projects are not your thing, try a local phone repair shop. Not only are their services usually cheaper and just as trustworthy as taking it into the place you bought it, or shipping it out to the company for repair, but they are usually faster too. Many repair shops guarantee to have your phone fixed within an hour or less, and some even provide in-home or mail-in services for those who are strapped with time or stuck at work during business hours.