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Concierge Medicine- Things To Know

Concierge Medicine is basically a medical relationship between a primary care doctor and an outpatient patient where the patient pays a retainer or annual membership fee for the service. This can be either paid monthly or annually. If the primary care doctor decides to refer the patient to a physician, the primary care doctor would pay for the referral as well as any diagnostic or treatment services that are required by the referral. Many people have been known to get high-priced surgery because they are unaware of the options that are available to them through concierge medicine. A good example of this is when a person has a chronic illness that has kept them from regular doctors for years, the concierge doctor may decide to recommend them to an orthopedic specialist who may be charging a lot more than the general practitioner. Get more info about Boca Raton Concierge Medicine.

Although the concierge physician is not a member of the primary care physicians’ group, there are some physicians who do refer patients to the concierge physicians for the purpose of concierge medicine. This is where the primary care physician does not participate in the referral process and instead acts as a middle man between the primary care physician and the concierge physician. Many doctors use this arrangement to help with the transition of a patient into the concierge medicine field since the patient is not familiar with the concierge practices. This is common in hospitals or other medical institutions that are beginning to hire concierge physicians and referral specialists in order to help with the health needs of the patients.

Concierge medicine services are offered through many different medical facilities. The hospitals that allow concierge practitioners to work at their facility usually offer a high level of care while keeping the costs down. Some doctors are used to working at these types of facilities and prefer to work out of their own offices. If you feel that your primary care doctor is not being cooperative and that he or she is steering you toward the concierge medical field, it is important to talk to him or her about ways that you can work with a concierge practitioner to help you find a job elsewhere. Many doctors feel that if a primary care physician is unwilling to work with a concierge practitioner for treatment options that you require, you should look elsewhere. This is not only a financial issue but also a health care issue.

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