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Domestic Violence – Realizing Your Options

In the United States, domestic abuse is, sadly, a prevalent phenomenon. Of all the violent crimes committed in America against the family, 49% are committed against the partner. For this purpose, knowing domestic violence, how it effects the family, and what you can do to avoid it, is extremely relevant. Check Summit Defense – Redwood City DUI Lawyer.

Domestic violence occurs when one family member in a relationship, usually a partner, has surpassed his or her physical limits of control. This involves pushing, shoving, slapping, and punching, but is not limited. In the event that this occurs, the survivor has a few things to use. He or she can file an injunction or restraining order that forbids the spouse from reaching the victim within a certain distance.

If this order is breached, the courts can issue a citation for contempt to the violator, which allows the victim to have the individual fined or punished for his or her acts. If that does not work, the victim will sue for a restraining order to protect the victim from the assailant. Typically, local law enforcement officers on their high-priority list have protective order cases.

Despite these legislative provisions in place to assist the person, in the face of domestic abuse, many persons are still harmed. The reasoning for this is that the violator can only be dealt with after the crime has been committed because of the existence of our legal system. In these cases, the safest thing to do is consider domestic abuse and get out of the situation before it gets dangerous.

An indication that you may be in an abusive relationship is based on the actions of your partner. Aggressive action is progressive, according to experts. It begins with mockery and demeaning remarks. It then progresses into coercion, alienation from friends and family, and financial deprivation and control being enforced. This conduct becomes more frequent, more intense with time and ultimately turns into violent violence.