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Domestic vs import furniture- Intro

Mostly everyone would agree that the quality of imported furniture is good, provided that the factory is properly monitored, assuring a good quality furniture. It is also true that the pricing is much lower than for domestic goods. Equally its true that, the selection is large and availability is plenty. Generally this is great for the economy, by enabling a very large portion of our population, to purchase new furniture. The same holds true for any other industry as well.

These being the facts, production of manufactured goods in the USA, has mostly vanished. Companies who had previously produced their goods locally, were forced to import from foreign countries. Is this trend in the long run really beneficial? Even if we were to assume that all the displaced workers can find other forms of employment. Assuming that by the grace of the All-Mighty, the ever lurking terrorists will not take advantage of the so many containers arriving at these shores, from all over the globe.If you are looking for more info,

However we are increasingly placing ourselves, at the mercy of foreign governments. Suppose that the United States and China were to have a dispute, which is prone to happen. What if China decides, that if the USA does not relent, they will not allow any shipments to leave. (Let us not forget that China is not a Democracy.) Or they were to decide that a large tax be applied. We wont be able to fall back on production over here, because most production plants have been dismantled. We will G-d forbid be stuck. Think a minute, and look around you. Basically everything comes from China.

Where will we buy computers, telephones, furniture, tools, cars, screws and nails etc.? Where will we the parts to fix the equipment? How many items operate on batteries, that are imported? It can create a very dangerous situation, worse than a blackout. Even food and food products are being brought in from China.