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Over the last 20 years , the American public has been bombarded with the message: “Fat is evil!” As a consequence, our food system is now inundated with products that are “low fat,” manufactured products, and foods refined to extract natural fats. Low fat foods are filled with carbohydrate in each case. Have a look at Vascular Surgeon.

The result: Americans suffer from a number of endocrine disorders and degenerative diseases that are primarily due to insulin resistance, high ingestion of processed carbs and a shortage of proper dietary fat. Currently this is not fresh knowledge. The American food sector has largely forgotten this. In 1956 Thomas L. Cleave, Royal Navy Surgeon-Captain and Research Director of the British Institution of Naval Medicine, published a paper arguing that certain medical diseases were the result of a “master disorder” arising from the the consumption of sugary products. He found out that for the chronic illnesses to show themselves it needs around 20 years of “incubation” period. Interestingly, the rapid increase in prominence of sugary products just before the turn of the century correlated with the advent of heart failure and digestive tract diseases as big killers during the First World War.

  1. Diabetes was widespread in the 1950s as Iceland’s lifestyle was Westernized in the 1930’s and sugar and processed starch intake grew dramatically.
  2. In African research, he observed that everywhere swift dietary reform incorporated processed carbs, heart disease and diabetes started increasing about two decades later.
  3. Finally, he figured out that research spanning from Kurds to Yemenites to Zulus showed that food extraction and manufacturing tended to carry in less than a quarter of a century an increase in chronic diseases.

Closer to home we have the Eskimos proof. Subsistence of a diet of virtually pure protein and fat, respiratory failure, hypertension , diabetes and dental caries are uncertain. Many of these wellbeing conditions were scourges in the Eskimo community with the westernisation of their diets.

Another fascinating and well-documented trend is the growth of heart disease with the advent of:”refined “white flour and the drastic decline of heart attack deaths when the American public started purchasing and drinking vitamins.