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Find the Most Effective Divorce Lawyer for Your Case

It is not necessarily in your best interest to hire the largest law firm you can afford. When interviewing divorce lawyers, make sure to ask the following questions about the person’s credentials and how cases are treated at the firm to ensure that you and your case get the attention and effort you deserve. I recommend that you speak with two or three attorneys. More so if you don’t feel at ease with the people you’ve talked with. Any excellent attorneys don’t. Paying a small fee for an initial consultation to find the best solicitor for you is certainly worth it. Of course, you’ll need the services of an experienced attorney.

Will your lawyer put your needs first or will she line her own pockets at the detriment of you and your spouse? You need an attorney who will work tirelessly to achieve the best possible outcomes. Using the checklist below, you will decide whether or not the individual is a trustworthy lawyer.Feel free to find more information at Virginia Beach Family Law Attorney Association.
1. Does the county have a separate family law division of judges that are familiar with dissolution law, or is it possible that a motion or trial would be heard by a judge who has no prior experience with family law?
2. Is there a single or two appraisers or auction houses in the region that handle the majority of the furniture appraisals in dissolution cases?
3. Do all judges in this county refer custody disputes to mental health providers for a report to the court?
4. Can the mediator reveal my words to the judge while we are meditating a custody dispute?
5. Is the mediator the one who makes a custody decision to the court if mediation fails?
6. Is the lawyer a licenced expert in family law? This isn’t to say the lawyer isn’t competent. However, it is something to think about. It means the attorney has completed a family law review and is eligible to take a certain number of family law continuing education courses each year.
7. Is the attorney Martindale-Hubbell rated? Just 5% of attorneys in the United States have an A-V ranking, which is the highest possible. It is a sign of exceptional legal ability and ethical conduct.
8. How many divorce cases does the solicitor handle is even more relevant. Is he a so-called “dabbler”? Is he offering to take your case as a favour or as a friend’s case? These aren’t encouraging signals.
9. Does the company have a large caseload? It’s a divorce factory. This isn’t a positive sign. If the company is big or manages a lot of litigation, the case is unlikely to get the attention it deserves. Paralegals or junior attorneys do the majority of the job.
10. Does the company have experience working with celebrities and multi-millionaires? At first glance, you might believe that hiring a divorce company that represents “stars” or high-net-worth individuals would guarantee you excellent representation. That is also valid whether you are a celebrity or a multibillionaire. Otherwise, you’ll just be a number. Remember that if you are not a celebrity or rich, your value to the company decreases dramatically.