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Information About Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls walls, traditionally made of concrete and reinforced with steel or wood, which are built up to various heights to hold soil in place. Retaining walls were used to divide farm fields, but nowadays they are also being used to retain soil in place and provide extra strength to fill in valleys. They are built to a specific height and are reinforced on both sides to resist damage from natural forces such as wind, rain and earthquakes. Retaining walls may be used to build up slopes or divide large fields.Do you want to learn more? Visit Retaining Walls Rochester MN

In cases where soil has to be retained at a high level, such as along a slope, retaining walls can be used to construct the required level of obstacle. In fact, this is a common practice where the landowner wants to protect the slopes of his land by building a wall of durable material that cannot be eroded by normal weather conditions. Retaining walls are known for their resilience against natural forces and for their ability to resist damage. It is not uncommon for farmers to use Retaining Walls to divide their fields into two distinct strips, one on the top side for crops and the other side to house cattle. This is because in most cases the slopes are completely impassable and no amount of cultivation will restore the land to its former condition.

The different types of Retaining Walls available include: vertical in shape, which are usually constructed to direct lateral pressure down the slope, horizontal in shape, these structures direct lateral pressure upwards, whereas the wall system with an interval gives a lateral advantage, as it creates a wall while providing space between the wall and the soil. While Retaining Walls are generally used in agricultural regions, they are also used in residential areas for housing houses. In fact, Retaining Walls are now a mandatory component in most of the building codes in the US. If you need to construct retaining walls, it is advised that you hire professional help so that the job is done right and your property is adequately secured.

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