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Learn How to Test For Mold And Why It Is Important

In recent years, concerns about mould have increased, along with media coverage of the potential issue, but mould is and has always been a part of life. Every day, we breathe mould spores (sort of like mould seeds) into the outdoor air. We may be breathing low levels of the same spores indoors because outdoor and indoor air are related. see this

Airborne pollutants’ risk

Not actually a concern is the simple presence of airborne mould spores in a household. So what is the problem with mould? The response depends in part on who is asked, because certain individuals, including very young people, adults with weakened immune systems and people with mould allergies, may be more vulnerable to mould growth and as a result, may experience health problems.

Reasonable Norms for Air Quality

In general, however, general guidelines regarding “acceptable” and “elevated” mould spore counts in indoor air have been set by the indoor air quality industry. From “My basement flooded, and now we’re smelling a foul odour,” to “My child is coming home from the hospital,” excuses to test for mould run the gamut.

How Is Mold Growing?

Generally, mould requires moisture and a source of food to grow. It is difficult to monitor the food source, as mould will absorb much of a home’s construction materials. Humidity is variable, however and homes with high humidity and/or recent water damage are fertile ground for the growth of moulds. This is why in bathrooms, mildew is so widespread.

The best time to test for mould is now.

There is no wrong justification for mould testing, but there are wrong testing methods, as well as a steady supply of poorly qualified disreputable individuals providing substandard testing and remediation services. Conduct appropriate research before hiring professionals. The knowledgeable homeowner should inquire about the credentials and certifications of the tester, as well as years of experience doing jobs of similar size and complexity prior to hiring a company to test for or remediate mould. It’s also appropriate to ask for references.