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Natural Healing Remedies

There will always be resentments and protests in any capitalist, western society toward any form of health care other than traditional Western medicine. Those pursuing a more natural approach to health care to treat their diets will soon realize this, because the waves of skepticism are coming from friends , colleagues, and so-called medicine experts. Such critiques are not baseless to any degree at least to a point of increasing concern. This is an inherent mechanism of checks and balances within the Western private healthcare system that such problems exacerbate and remove the possibility of some of the natural healing solutions being officially accepted by Western medical professionals. For more details click Naturopathic medicine.

This system must have certain characteristics in order to organically suppress any naturopathic healing within a society: 1) healthcare must be controlled by private industry 2) Western medicine is the dominant healthcare field and 3) to put it bluntly, it must be a legally conscious society with a propensity to sue, such as the U.S. Private pharmaceutical companies are developing new drugs. Incentive services are developed by the same companies and private practitioners and other medical professionals are provided with kickbacks for using products there. These medical and pharmacy professionals are backed by top risk insurance plans, extensive law teams, and a large wealth buffer. Finally one of these miracle drugs rushes these pharmaceutical behemoths to backfire markets. Either there have been insufficient tests, MDs overprescribe or misprescribe a new drug, or patients misprescribe themselves-in any case this results in two possible outcomes, an overwhelming response of negative side effects, including death, eliminates the drug from the market or a particular drug will remain on the market because it is still profitable even after compensation has been paid. The successes of the bottom line western medicine drugs are directly linked to the generated revenue. The higher the benefit, the greater the quality of the medication (not its ability to treat specific symptoms), and so we have our program.

Now what does natural healing treatments have to do with this? Easy, western medications are intended to relieve symptoms. Naturopathic therapy, homeopathic medicine, eastern medicine, and other other therapies are meant to treat the disease. THERE IS NO MONEY IN CURES, and thus no room in western medicine for natural healing remedies. To most private practitioners what will be a cure? An unreasonable one-time fee or a solution that is so easy can be duplicated at home (in which case the expense of an office visit will be to exchange money). When there is no money in the remedies then in any natural healing solution there will be no money. While such procedures in a country with a medical system close to that of the US will never be approved by a medical professional.

This is nothing new, and is mostly common knowledge, but people living in such societies feel helpless and continue to choose Western medicine over other forms of healthcare simply because it is the cultural norm and the fear of deviating from the opinion of their “all-knowing” doctor. This is therefore important for all to equip themselves with the awareness of multiple types of healthcare and to determine for themselves which is the best way to heal.