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Painter Hanover PA – An Intro

Everyone is interested in getting a good deal, but sometimes it really is a bad deal. Such is the case with a cheap contractor in painting. You may want to accept the lowest bid on your house painting job but in truth, you should be running quickly from this contractor. Consider the following before accepting a bid for your next job by the lowest painting contractor. Have a look at Painter Hanover PA.

What is it you are going to get?

You should be wary of what you’ll get for the money when you receive bids and you find that most come in at the same price except for one. Things like paint, equipment, and labor don’t fluctuate too much, so if you have a contractor giving you a price that’s unbelievably small, you have to wonder where they save money. What corners will they cut to still make a profit from painting your home? If it comes to house painting, the old adage that you get what you pay for is very real.

Insurance scheme

A contractor who bids a very low job may not be carrying adequate protection for your property and its employees. Such insurance rates aren’t cheap, since this is a high-risk profession. Contractors can skimp on premiums too much and leave homeowner holding the bag. You may be responsible for an injured worker and reparations for a badly performed job. When you consider making a low bid, make sure you test their insurance validity.


How will work at your house? Cheap contractors often employ cheap labour, including illegal aliens and day laborers. These people aren’t professional contractors for house painting and their work will show that, this goes back to the previous point where you get what you pay for. In fact, illegal workers and day laborers are unlikely to be protected by a worker’s comp going back to an earlier point you might end up paying for this cheap offer through the nose.


You never want house painting done without any sort of warranty, but when the price is weak, you’ve got to wonder if they’re going to cover that guarantee. In the first place, low ball deals are only only covering expenses and if they have to come back and repaint your house, they would be in the red in a hurry.

This leads to the next question about the warranties, how much of a guarantee do they offer? With a painting contractor warranty, the going rate is five years and if they sell that, you read the fine print. Never take anything for granted particularly when hiring a painting contractor; what you think is a simple warranty can be full of loop holes to squirm through the contractor.