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Snow Removal: An Important Part of Roofing Maintenance

Repairs to the roofing may be substantial due to snow damage. While roofs are designed to be sturdy and resist the weather, the weight of wet or deep snow can cause major problems, even causing the roof to cave in if the buildup becomes too heavy to support the structure. Luckily homeowners can take some steps to protect their buildings from damage. However, caution is taken to prevent unnecessary risks. To avoid damage and risk of injury, steep roofs and heavy or frozen buildup can require professional intervention.Learn more about us at Northwest Roof Maintenance Inc.

A single storey home can be effective at bringing snow down with a roof rake. The homeowner actually stands on the ground with this strategy and reaches up to draw snow down from the surface with a rake on a long pole. Raking requires constant monitoring of the situation because it can become very thick or even frozen, making it more difficult to extract unnecessary accumulation. Choosing a rake that has rollers is critical, to prevent direct contact between the edge of the rake and the shingles, and to avoid damage. A curved handle is ideally suited to stretch high enough to bring down the snow. A rake might not be enough for multistory buildings. The homeowner may need to go up onto the roof by shovelling to clear the snow, but this approach risks many hazards. It can be risky to climb around on a slippery roof, and is best left to professionals.

Another method which should be considered is prevention. Homes over 20 or 30 years of age may not have enough insulation to avoid accumulation. It melts the initial snowfall as heat escapes through the shingles, producing moisture that in turn keeps the snow in place , creating further accumulation. The addition of insulation, especially in attics, not only improves the HVAC system’s effectiveness, but also helps to reduce the possibility of accumulation during heavy winter storms. It is crucial to design when constructing a new home to ensure there are no valleys or sheltered places where drifts can build up , causing a weight issue.

Ice dams present a significant roofing problem. If snow is allowed to accumulate over time, the melting and re-freezing produces ice lines around the edges of the house, placing the drainage system under significant pressure. Gutters under the extra weight may become weakened and lost. The dams prevent snow from slipping off melting and force the water backwards instead of allowing it to flow off the slope naturally.

Snow and ice pose a serious threat to a home’s structural integrity. The significance of snow removal and ice accumulation prevention is crucial for homeowners to understand. Regular inspections and repairs can avoid damage and cut repair or replacement costs. In order to clear snow and conduct routine inspections, homeowners who are not trained or able to manage roofing repairs should consider hiring a licenced professional. Inspection by an expert will detect trouble areas before they escalate, and avoid harm from snow , ice, and other hazards.