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Tree Service Tips

It’s autumn, which means it’s almost time to sweep the leaves, go trick-or-treating, and get ready for Thanksgiving. Fall is often a fine opportunity to make a professional inspect the trees until winter arrives. When winter arrives in Raleigh, it can be brutal. Many winters have had their fair share of ice storms, which may do significant harm to trees and their limbs, as well as serious damage to your house. In Raleigh, North Carolina, here are three tree tips to watch for this fall while you brace for winter.

First, look for limbs that are overhanging your house. Be sure there are no big trees around the house and that none of the branches are touching it. When an ice storm strikes Raleigh, limbs become dropping snow.Find additional information at Bart’s Tree Services NYC.

Tree Tip #2: Look for dead or dying trees outside your house. Over the summer, such bugs might have feasted on the trees in your neighbourhood, weakening them. With a strong snow or ice storm here in Raleigh, these fragile trees will quickly tip over in the winter.

Tree Tip #3: Remove or grind any stumps that need to be removed early in the fall. If you need to grind a stump, it’s better to do so until the field becomes too wet. Some of the machinery used for these jobs is big, so if you don’t want to do harm to your lawn, do it when it’s dry. Since the Raleigh area’s winters don’t often provide for enough field drying, it’s better to do this in the early fall. This season, take these steps to avoid a headache.

If you have any concerns about the health of a tree or whether or not overhanging branches might cause harm to your house, have a professional inspect it.